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Fran Drescher Reveals The Storyline That KILLED ‘The Nanny’

Ever since our favourite nanny, Fran Fine, exited our TV screens, we’ve been perplexed by one thing. With the show SO popular at the time, and the story only just starting, why would the show stop airing?

It seems, according to leading lady, Fran Drescher, there was one, very distinctive storyline that managed to kill the show as we knew it, and she finally shared it during an interview with Studio 10.

Throughout the entire series, the sexual tension between Nanny Fine and her employer, Mr. Sheffield, was obvious.

Fans of the show were constantly calling on the pair to get together, as their connection seemed obvious and torturous for everyone watching.

Now, Fran and her former husband and creator of the show, Peter Marc Jacobson admit that answering those calls was to be The Nanny’s death knell.

“When a show is built around a love that can’t happen, sexual tension, you have to keep it that way. As much as you want the people to get together, as soon as they do, people start tuning out,” Jacobson said.

“We didn’t want to get them together.” However, after a slight ratings dip, the network delivered an ultimatum: give us a wedding, or we’ll cancel The Nanny. “So we looked at each other and said ‘Well, we are having a wedding!’”

The Nanny bowed out in 1999 with a two-part finale that saw Fran and Maxwell welcome twins. It seems that people got what they wanted and promptly lost interest.

As to whether they would follow in the footsteps of ‘Gilmore Girls’, ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Roseanne’, could Fran be tempted to don her best mini dress and reprise her role for a reboot?

“We wouldn’t do it for the money. We would do it because we cracked the code on how to tell the story 20 years later,” she said.

“And make it interesting. I set a very high standard. At this stage of my life, it has to make my heart sing. As Peter said, once the sexual tension is gone, now she is the wife, there went the series. So, to go back... We would have to figure out where we are starting from and what it is.”


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