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Flatmates Bek And Ash Are Going Home After MKR Sudden Death

The very first couple has been eliminated from this season's MKR!

It was sudden death in when Bek and Ash took on David and Betty after both couples instant restaurant meals scored poorly with Pete and Manu.

While brother and sister team Tyson and Amy Murr achieved the highest ever score in MKR history, it left us with a battle to avoid elimination between the Flatmates and the Hustlers!

To try and continue on for another week Bek and Ash decided to start with an entree of mushroom crepes with brie sauce, a main course of venison on black rice pilaf and for dessert a biscotti with ice cream and lemon curd.

While on the other side of the kitchen, David and Betty went with a lao raw beef salad for entree, a fish meal called mok pah for their main meal and chilli salt fruits with sorbets for dessert.

Once the meals had been tasted by the judges both David and Betty thought that they had scored poorly with 34 out of 60 and would be heading home, however Bek and Ash ended up with a total score of just 31.

While David and Betty celebrated with a selfie, Bek and Ash are on their way back home to Perth.

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