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First Date Contestant's Embarrassing Bathroom Mishap

Think you’ve had some disastrous first dates? This could very well top them all!

One contestant on the UK version of First Dates has wet his pants while taking a bathroom break during filming.

And when we say ‘wet’ himself – we don’t mean he splashed too much water while washing his hands!

On a first date with nurse, Abigail, the ever-so-slightly nervous Lee used his toilet break as an opportunity to phone a mate.

Here’s where things begin to unravel.

As he attempts to do up his fly, poor old Lee jokes “I’m dying for a p***, I’m gonna p**** myself anyway”.

Well that was just asking for it and the unthinkable happens – “Oh s****, I think I’ve dribbled” he soon exclaims!

So what do you do when you’re trying to impress your date and you’ve urinated on your pants?

Tell them it’s water of course!

Good thinking Lee – crisis averted. Well until she watches this footage! 

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