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Could This Be MKR's Nastiest Contestant Yet?!

It’s round two of My Kitchen Rules and we’re slowly getting to know a new set of contestants – and a new set of villains!

After Queensland siblings Amy and Tyson proved to be decisive figures in the first round of cooking, it seems its WA couple Josh and Amy’s turn.

A deckhand in Broome, it didn’t take Josh long to drop his seafood knowledge and start really playing the game.

When judge Pete Evans asked if anyone was intimidated by Queensland friends Della and Tully, Josh was quick with the burn.


“I’m intimidated a little by Della, but not by Tully,” he responded.

    Even sisters Kelsey and Amanda who had just called Della the “Della Lama” shared their disbelief to the camera, saying: “I can’t believe Josh said that”.


    Tully was more pointed in her response however when asked about it away from the table.

    “Josh is a f*** isn’t he? For God sake,” the 30-year-old said, while mate Della warned that Tully was in fact the “silent assassin”.

    Let’s hope Josh, or as Tully says "King Jerk" can back it up in the kitchen. Otherwise he could be eating his words!

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