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Big Little Lies Unveils New Instagram Account

While we’re all counting down the days until June 9 - the date that we head back to Monterey with the second season of hit series Big Little Lies - the show is teasing us with even more sneak peaks.

Yesterday the HBO series unveiled a brand new Instagram account dedicated to BLL and every single post so far has clearly been carefully thought out to drop some hints about the upcoming season.

Nine posts have been made so far and each post actually lines up in a grid to create one big post on the account.


With each image lining up, fans can see the names of the show’s leading ladies - Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern and Meryl Streep.

The letters of the actresses names are then cleverly arranged to spell out the words “New Lies”. And if you put it all together it looks something like this:


If fans then click into each individual post, we’re treated to some close up pictures of the Monterey Five as well as the latest edition to the cast, Streep’s Mary Louise Wright, Perry’s mother.

And they’re pretty telling if you ask us.

As we know, this season will deal with Perry’s death and will watch the Monterey Five struggling to adjust to being possible suspects in the case.

HBO has also previously said that the second season will focus on, “Malignancy of lies, the durability of friendships, the fragility of marriage and, of course, the vicious ferocity of sound parenting.”

In the Instagram pics, Dern’s character Renata is seen looking pretty frustrated in her car, Kidman’s Celeste is shown looking very contemplative, and Woodley’s Jane is back to running on the beach with a new hairdo.

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Witherspoon’s character Madeline appears to play a similar role in this season as the protector of the group, as she is shown embracing Celeste and a woman we assume is Jane in a warm hug.

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The picture of Streep shows her as Mrs Wright - a woman grieving the loss of her son.

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But it’s the photo of Kravitz’s Bonnie that seems the most telling to us. As the woman who is usually very zen and calm in the first season being a yoga teacher, Bonnie seems incredibly stressed and seems as though she's not coping too well with this murder investigation.

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We guess only time will tell! We can’t wait for Big Little Lies Season 2! It all airs on June 9.

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