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Bet You Can’t Pick These Famous Actresses In Real Life

It’s that time of year again when our favourite TV stars walk the red carpet for the Emmy Awards.

And if you’re thinking, “yeah whatever, red carpet fashion blah blah blah”, well we’ve got something else for you!

See, there’s a fun game we’ve been playing and it’s called Can You Pick The Actress – and it’s far harder than you think.

ABOVE: See how many more famous faces you can pick on the red carpet!

So let’s see how you go at picking these famous chameleons as they scrub off the stage makeup (or dirt and blood for our Game Of Thrones gals) for something a little more red carpet appropriate...

Think you recognise this blonde bombshell?


If you answered Sophie Turner, aka Game Of Thrones' Sansa Stark you'd be right!

What about this Lily Allen lookalike?


Yep, that's Sansa's sister Arya - or as we call her in the real world, Maisie Williams!

What about this lovely brunette?


Okay, so we're running with the GOT theme. It's Daenerys Targaryen - Emilia Clarke.

Now, how about this delightful lass?


If you guessed Laura Carmichael, aka Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey you're correct!

What about this sweet teen on the right?


Did we hear you say Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, from Stranger Things?

Recognise this glamour?


Add some frizz and an orange jumpsuit and you get Orange Is The New Black's Natasha Lyonne - Nicky Nichols.

And how about this last one for the win?


Yes, it's a little tougher, but if you said Carly Chaikin from Suburgatory and Mr Robot, you absolutely nailed it!

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