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Bad News About Your Electricity Prices, Sydney

Malcolm Turnbull has ordered energy bosses to a second meeting after an audit revealed more than a million households are still paying the highest rates for electricity.

The prime minister says the number paying more than they need could be even higher because they are not on a suitable plan or their discounted offer has expired and they haven't been told.

"What we are securing is (the companies') commitment to make sure their customers know whether they are on the right plan," Mr Turnbull told FOX FM on Monday.

"I want to make sure that as far as we can manage it no Australian is paying more than they need to for electricity."

Mr Turnbull says retailers have already committed to telling customers when their plans are coming to an end.

That will be reaffirmed at a meeting in Sydney on Wednesday, the second in three weeks.

Mr Turnbull says he is already aware of reports of people being offered 25 to 27 per cent discounts.


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