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ADIDAS Slammed Over ‘You Survived Boston Marathon’ E-mail

There have been a few brands of late that just don’t seem to be in touch with the times.

As in, they just don’t seem to have a grasp on what we, the consumer, want to see from them in terms of advertising - and they’re missing the mark by a mile. Take Pepsi and the protest rally featuring Kendall Jenner.

That got so much heat, the brand pulled it all together.


Now, ADIDAS are in similar heat for an e-mail send out they released to their database.

Following this year’s Boston Marathon, ADIDAS sent an e-mail to their database with the unfortunate subject line, ‘Congrats! You Survived The Boston Marathon!’

Straight away, people began picking up on the extreme faux pas - and they weren’t happy.

They even used the slogan, ‘You’re Boston Strong’, which the slogan that came from the devastating Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 where three people were killed and hundreds were injured.

So far, no comment from Adidas, but no doubt they’ll have no choice but to explain themselves soon.

Source: TMZ

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