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A Party Of Five Reboot Is Officially Happening

Party of Five is officially getting a reboot!

Although this won't just be a replica of the old show, instead the original series creators, in conjunction with Freeform, have decided to tackle the theme of immigration. 

Instead of the five siblings being orphaned in a car accident, the 'Buendias' family will instead band together after their parents are deported back to Mexico. 

The original series, which began in 1994, starred a number of household names including Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox and Neve Campbell.

Members of the cast had previously rejected the idea of a reboot, however, in 2015 Wolf told E!News that if the premise was good enough he would consider returning to the role. 

"I have nothing but fondness in my heart for that show and that experience," Wolf told E!News. 

"If someone came up with a fun enough idea and everyone were going to participate then why not?"

So we wonder if any of the originals will feature in the reboot? Only time will tell!

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