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Billy Brownless Addresses Garry Lyon Affair

The AFL Footy show returned on Thursday evening with a little bit of a more serious tone to it.

Following the revelation that Garry Lyon had, had relations with Billy Brownless's ex wife Nikki which broke in February, it was time for them to be addressed.

This is the first we have heard from Brownless following the scandal hit the papers.

Sitting down with Sam Newman and James Brayshaw, Brownless was honest and open about what had happened.

Sam opened up by saying ''we are caught a rock and a hard place and we should open up about the public aspect of the story''.

Brownless said ''We all have our ups and down and this one has been especially difficult for everyone''.

When asked about his feelings he said ''I couldn't believe, I found out about 3 or 4 months ago.  I had a hunch and I sat down with Nikki and she told me''.

Close to tears Brownless said ''I sent a few texts when angry that you don't want to talk about on this show and then a few days later I got embarrassed''.

Carrying on he said ''I am now just disappointed''.

When probed on how his and Lyon's relationship is now he said ''we were best mates and that's what hurts the most, just being untruthful. I asked them early on and they said nothing is going on''.

Brownless said he would find it difficult to work with Garry again but everyone at Channel 9 loves him to pieces but if he was there on the night he ''probably wouldn't be here''.

With regards to the relationship Brownless says that he believes it is now over.

He said even though both Nikki and Garry were not married that ''morally it is wrong, you don't touch a mans wallet and you don't touch a mans wife''.

Brownless spoke about how tough his family has found it. Breaking down he said his son ''couldn't have a birthday party for his 16th birthday as there was photographers everywhere''.

He addressed the rumours about Lyon now dating Billy's daughter Lucy as ''bullshit''.

Garry Lyon was not present on the show as he is currently on a leave of absence for mental health issues. Channel 9 have not confirmed when he will return to the show.

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